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Get Involved

1. Attend our Events

All our events and fellowships are open to all. We invite you to visit us. Our club meets every other Saturday from 4 pm at Hadassah Hotel in Upper Hill – Nairobi, Kenya. Please reach out to us or check our social media to confirm. Email info@rotaractmagharibi.org | Call or Text +254 758 734 048.

2. Collaborate with us

Partner with us to pool resources, share knowledge, and leverage our collective strengths to maximize the reach and effectiveness of our projects. Email president@rotaractmagharibi.org | Call or Text +254 758 734 048.

3. Financial Support

Your financial contributions will directly impact the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. Your generosity can help us provide essential resources and support services. You may make any financial contributions via M-Pesa PAYBILL NO: 542542 ACCOUNT NO: 628142 then send a follow up message to +254 758 734 048 explaining the purpose of your contribution.

4. Volunteer Engagement

You may volunteer your time and skills to actively participate in our projects and activities by reaching out to our Secretary at secretary@rotaractmagharibi.org | +254 758 734 048.

5. Become a Member

How to join our club:

Membership to Rotaract Nairobi Magharibi is on an invite basis. You have to be invited by a member who is in good standing, who will be your sponsor. In this case, the sponsor invites you to attend one or more meetings of the club to learn more about Rotaract.

Qualifications for Membership:

Prospective members must meet the below requirements over a 3 month period:

  1. Attend 50% of the club engagements
  2. Join a committee
  3. Attend at least one mother club engagement before your induction
  4. Attend pre-induction (to be scheduled)
  5. Attend your induction (to be scheduled)
  6. Attend at least one engagement of another club (outside Rotary and Rotaract Magharibi)
  7. Pay at least 50% of annual dues before your induction

Responsibilities of Members

Membership to RAC Nairobi Magharibi is voluntary. However, upon joining the club, members are obligated to meet the following minimums:

  1. Attend or make up at least 50% of all club engagements.
  2. Attend mother club engagements
  3. Pay their dues and all other club fees on time.
  4. Attend meetings of other Rotaract clubs for networking purposes.
  5. Actively participate in all club affairs.
  6. Be a member of a committee

Age Limit

To become a member of our club, you must be at least 18 years old; there’s not upper age limit.